The Lalbagh Experience!

Two weeks back i was in banglore for an important work that could have turned my life around, but it still remained a dream and the experience was forgetable. But something else made my trip to banglore a must remember.A trip to Lalbagh.

I had planned for a trip to Lalbagh where i could put to test my photography skills after the all important work. As the work didnt go well, i was not in high spirits and did not want to go out. But, sekhar and vinod helped me get out of the melancholy by taking me out the next day, we took off from kormangala to lalbagh via wilson garden after a sumtous breakfast at an andhra mess.

We reached the nearest bus terminus to lalbagh at around 11 AM and started off by walk to the place. As we crossed the fusion cinemas, i could see the lalbagh gate and a small hill. I expected the place to be outside the city, in a forest type of setup, but it turned out to be in the middle of a residential area.

The Entrance to Lalbagh Gardens !

A Rs.10 ticket and we are in for an all green experience. A long walk from the gate under the shade of a  dense a line of bougainvillea took us to rocky hill. Expecting something great, we climbed the hill only to see a  lot of waste land around and not much greenery. We climbed down and started off in the other direction in a quest for shade.

The Bougainvillea Path!

We found shade under a large canopy of trees and the feel of a botanical garden slowing started sinking in.

The Canopy Of Trees!

As we moved along, we saw our very own mango trees, sky high asoka trees and trees welcoming us with a bed of yellow flowers shed by them. Then came the most beautiful place, full of flowers from tiny lilies to large chrysanthemums. You can find every color red ,blue, yellow, purple, white.  And on these beautiful flowers are the busy bees doing their routine work of sucking honey, completely oblivious of whats happening around. I went very close to the bees with my camera and they didn’t even seem to mind.

The Lovely Chamanthi !


Flowers Inside A Flower! 

We need to learn a lot from the honey bees for their discipline and dedication towards their work.

Busy Bee! 

Purple Everywhere !
Red,Pink and Purple….

As we moved after a wonderful session of photography whose output you were seeing above, we were welcomed by dense trees followed by a picturesque lake, a perfect setup of a lake surrounded by trees , with a small bridge to cross it and arrangements to sit.

The walk along the lake was an awesome experience and a not-to-miss thing in lalbagh.

An Awesome Experience In The Midst Of Lalbagh!

200 Yrs Old Tree At Lalbagh!

We crossed the lake using the over bridge to get to the other side , a rocky terrain followed and after not much trees. We slowly walked towards the glass house. Currently it was empty, i got to know that in this where the flower show in January & August. Even an empty one was superb and a treat to eyes.I will  make sure to make it to banglore for August 15th to see a colorful glass house.

The Glass House - where the flower show will be held (Jan 26th & Aug 15th) !

A shot at Lalbagh as we move out!

Small & Beautiful !

One More Shot Of Glass House!

Red & White!

It was almost 3 hrs we had been in Lalbagh and after the long walk we were tired and decided to say good-bye to the trees,flowers and the beautiful lake.

A Small Fountain Opposite To Glass House!

A long asoka tree and a lawn !

After a small fountain, a large asoka tree and the same canopy which welcomed us initially, we reached the out-gate and started off to home !

Below is a video i compiled, by mapping the photos i had taken at Lalbagh to Google maps. Used Sony camera’s geo-tagging feature. A testimony that we have covered complete Lalbagh.


The magical “Dropbox” on my desktop !

I follow the cruncies awards from techcrunch every year looking out for the year’s best startups and web applications.I somehow missed analyzing the best internet application last year and it turns out to be  the very useful ‘DropBox’.

Drop-box is like our traditional post-box where we post envelopes and they reach the destination without our intervention. The only difference in here is, we put our docs,images,videos and files in a magic  folder on our home desktop and it follows us where ever we go. Like pin-code for a post, the only thing that is required is an internet connection, the rest is taken care the magic trick by dropbox.

The beauty of the tool is, it is so easy to register, install [installation is not required, if one want to use web interface itself] and simple to use. The installation client is available for Mac, Win, Linux, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry. The magic [autosync] can be seen once the client is installed and the magic folder is created.The client sits silently in the system tray and does the magic tricks. The magic tricks that dropbox can do are,

  • Drop images into a folder created in the  ‘photos’  folder, a right-click [windows] on the folder gives a sharable link. The link can be sent to friends for them to view the image in a gallery view.Add a new image to the folder and the gallery will be updated dynamically [ resembles the dynamic text/image update option in now closed Google Wave ] .
  • Drop the files in the ‘public’ folder and same as above point, a sharable link will be provided for the file. Send  the link to friends for them to download the file.Update/Modify the file and old link now gives the updated file.

  • Drop files,images and videos inside custom folders created in the magic folder and they will be auto-synced with the dropbox server[website] and the dropboxes in your other devices where the dropbox client has been installed. The difference from above is that these will be private unless they are shared.
    • Login via a browser into the website from anywhere and all the files can be downloaded from web.
    • Login via the client from your other PC , Mac or a Mobile device  and the dropbox folder in the machines will have the files you have dropped into your machine at home.
    • Share the files or folders [right-click menu] with friend who also have a drop-box client, an invitation will be sent to them. Once they accept the invitation, the magic trick happens and the shared folder will be synced into their magic folder. Friends who don’t have dropbox client installed and have a registered account can access the file online.
    • Once a file is shared, the shared user can modify the file.When a file in the shared folder is modified, a new copy with a name ‘conflicted copy’ and version number appended to it will be available to the others.
    • People who don’t have a registered dropbox account and client installed cannot access shared links.Files can be shared with there people only using public links.
  • Every file in the magic folder will be backed up online and here comes the best part ,  one can undelete files and folders deleted up to 30 days back. One can also restore previous [file before every save literally] versions of the files.

Currently the dropbox size is limited to 2GB for free users and upto 100GB for paid users.But there is a way for free users to upgrade the 2GB upto 8GB for free, all you need to do is, invite your friends to join dropbox. For each friend who joins,  250MB will be added to your dropbox.

Clearly this product stands out in the lot of file sharing tools, as it make sharing so simple and even people who r not so tech-savvy can understand and use this. By doing all the setup, when on vacation, i can just drop my images/videos into the dropbox folder in my laptop and ask my parents/family to just open the folder in the home computer to see them.

Thanks Dropbox for the innovation, i am loving it.:-)

The ART of business and The Quest for an MBA..

I being an MBA aspirant and part software engineer for the past three years, was always curious to know, why the format of CAT should be like how it is now – RC/DI/QUANT? As I am slowly getting lost in this IT world, I got to know a little about the answer for the Question. Let’s take each section of a basic MBA exam and understand it from the Business point-of-view.

Reading Comprehension’s (RC’s):

This section is omnipresent, and also the most difficult section for most of the MBA aspirants. In everyday business, one has to read numerous customer agreements, legal documents, terms & conditions etc. One has to understand the text completely and able to extract the important points, analyse them w.r.t one’s business and need to tell his agreement or disagreement. Particularly in the cases of customer requirements, it is very important to understand both explicit & implicit requirements; else in the course of the project one may end up getting lot of surprises which he haven’t envisioned when the deal is agreed. So, the RC’s test this quality of an MBA aspirant, how fast and how correctly one understands a text. How fast because there may be some situations like in customer interactions where one may need to take spontaneous decisions and sign agreements.

Data Interpretations (DI):

Information is wealth and interpreting it is an art. With the advent of internet, there is lot of information easily accessible to everyone. One who can interpret it correctly and put that to use for business development will march ahead. Take the case of fund managers, they need to do a lot of number crunching with the balance sheets of companies to know their profit/loss/growth etc., put the numbers of all the companies together and interpret them to find which is the best company to put one’s money in .Also, in the cases where one has to think two to three years ahead and plan for it, only past numbers can help. One has to take the past data and then consider various parameters which may change in the course of next two or three years and then plan things like how many people to hire, any expansion is needed & how far the competitors will come in this period etc. All these are very important decisions for any business to prosper and interpreting the data correctly can make a huge difference. So DI is absolutely critical in any MBA’s life.

Quantitative Ability (QA):

What’s business without math? One has to eat, drink & sleep math all through his life. Be it probability and permutation & combinations which help in deciding the no.of check-in counters at an airport for smooth passage of people which we call it operation management or be it speed & distance which help in setting up efficient train/bus/flight timings without any conflicts or be it time & work which helps to compute the time-to-complete based on resources or vice-versa so on and so forth.  Every chapter of math has its use in real world.

So, an MBA exam basically tries to evaluate one’s skills in the above sections which are very essential to learn/understand the principles of business problem solving.

At any MBA college, they basically teach you different methods, tools & techniques which help in interpret the data and understand what that data mean in a business point-of-view. Also, what questions to ask and how to analyse the answers, very important if one goes on to work with an FMCG. Extrapolations techniques which help in planning the future will also be taught. There will be case studies on different companies and how they responded to different situations, which will immensely help in dealing with similar situations at the places one may work in the future.

These things can be taught at any college, but what separates a great MBA college like IIM’s from others is the exposure to industry and the quality of students around. IIM’s will always stand-out because they get the students who can do the above mentioned things better than the rest.

So, only if one does well in a MBA exam he can to learn the Art Of Business easily and effectively.

Choosing the right processor for your Lappy…

As my desire to buy a laptop which is simmering for quite long time is about reach the boiling point, i thought a little research about the new Intel processors would help me in choosing the best one.  The “sponsors of tomorrow” started this year with a new line of  ‘I’ series processors.  This time Intel has hit the right note,  no more head banging to choose the processor, the range is divided based on where and who can use them. The major improvement from the previous core 2 duo & dual core is that each core of the current  processors can handle 2 threads simultaneously.  Simply put, each core can handle two tasks at a time. Faster doesn’t mean that you can open folders or files quickly, they mean you can do multiple tasks simultaneously. For example, you can listen to songs, browse internet and do some photo editing at the same time.What it means is no more sluggish Winamp or Microsoft word or  Mozilla.

Lets go a bit deep into the processor family, Intel has divided the series into three lines

  • Intel i3 – 2 core/4 thread processors with up to 2.36 Ghz.  Best for Internet,  normal Video, low-level gaming and basic multimedia applications.
  • Intel i5 – 2 core/4 thread processors and up to 3.06 Ghz with  turbo boost.  Best suited for all the things I3 supports with better efficiency.Medium level gaming and for business applications.
  • Intel i7 – 4 core / 8 thread processors and up to 3.36 Ghz with turbo boost. Best suited for HD Video play back , creating high-end multimedia applications  and high-level gaming.The best processors available in the market.

The Intel website even had the info about the each attribute in the above table.Let go about them one by one,

  • Cores/Threads – These are the heart of any processor.  The more the cores , more simultaneous tasks &  more speed.  Also the new ‘I’ series support two threads per core giving you more power to perform multiple tasks.
  • Clock Speed – This is the pulse of the processor.  This data talks about how fast the processor performs an activity. The higher the Ghz the faster the processor. If you’re the one who uses lot of multimedia applications like Photoshop , coreldraw,  movie maker or business apps like Word, Excel  or Watch HD-Movies online etc.,  go for higher clock .
  • Cache – This is like having info at your finger tip that just comes out anytime and faster . The processor keeps the frequently accessed data in here. This helps when you run rich media apps & games.For general usage this can take a back seat.Unless you go for I7, it’s just 3Mb.
  • Silicon – We the consumers have nothing to do with this. This is basically for the manufactures.It the size of the silicon used in the processor. The small the processor size, the less energy leak , heat.
  • Turbo Boost – This is a new technology introduced in the ‘I’ series, Intel claim that the unused portions of the core which were being switched of in the earlier series will be put to use for the current single/multiple tasks.Like if you are using a single heavy application, which uses only a single core the other cores instead of sitting idle will aid the current core to achieve higher performance.
    • Hyper-Threading – This is a same old technology available called  Hyper Threading (HT) available in earlier core 2 duo series.This also helps to run multimedia apps with virus softwares, audio-player, IM etc.

      So for my usage, i reckon I5 will be the best bet. So choose the best processor  [bring in the money factor also before deciding one 🙂 ] and Rock On…… Pumm Pum pum pum. down due to STP (spanning tree protocol) ?

      The STP is a wonderful protocol which is required in the first placed to have faster and shortest path resolution when some of the routes to the server are down.And wordpress is down just because of that…..things can go wrong just anywhere.From the post, think the problem is that the redundant port is of less capacity than the original one.May be someone thought it may be never used.Lesson learnt!

      There are some wonderful mathematical algorithms like OSPF, RGP which does this work very efficiently using what is called the weights of the links. The topology of the network  changes when a new router is added in the route or a router is down in a particular path.All these happen based on the information povided by what are called BPDU’s (Bridged protocol units ).For more on this try google…its vast and wonderful..

      IPL is back with a T(ech)ang !

      The IPL is back and what a way to begin, the mind boggling opening ceremony and the match between KKR and deccan chargers. KKR won, Dada at the helm and  he proved why he is the most successful captain  of India. Apart from the  fact that IPL is back to india, the major difference this year is that IPL has gone Internet-techTwitter-tech, Tube-Tech, Google-Tech !

      The below screen shot of Google India  home page sums it up all. IPL has occupied the most precious real estate on the internet world.This happened only two times before, once when nexus one was launched and next when Google wave was introduced.

      Its live on youtube and many other networks all across the world. It is sure to trend everytime a match is played on twitter like KKR did yesterday. The is a vodafone zoo-zoo’s are back on asking us to buy tickets,merchandise. A banner on cricinfo asks us to try coaching KKR.Any page , any where its one and only IPL .Micromax mobile is the timeout partner reminding us to go get a snack.  It is only IPL for the next one month.

      Media electronic or paper or web will  Eat,Drink and Sleep  IPL for the  next one month.

      Lalit Modi has once again proved what would be like when he is  the boss. Kudos to you and your team, IPL is been more reachable now. Now that IPL is live on net,  it gives cricket websites a run for their money.

      One thing i would still miss is  the coverage by ESPN/STAR. It is a treat to every sport enthusiasts  eyes & ears..

      Wishing the IPL team all the best…You rock !!!  Many more to go…I will try to blog more on the tech side of IPL2010.

      FYI – IPL on Net