Internet-A New World


The $0.00 on internet: –  It offers 50GB of free online storage and backup for all file types. Store your files with ADrive and access, manage and edit them from any computer & the catch – even share them. – Make free mobile calls with fring, IM with Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP and Twitter Contacts. – A camera phone can be used as a webcam with PC or Laptop.

Search engines: -who said world is vast!! -visual search -search any video -spot ur home

Everything abt google chk out -natural language processing search -improve ur search based on the city .all new city specific search -have ever seen black google??chkout!!! -searching the worlds secrets -another search engine -the desi search engine (created by the IITians) -a google rival in making!!!

Desiners corner: -Imagine being able to share the places and things you love using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control of a video game, and the mind-blowing detail of the real world. With nothing more than a bunch of photos, Photosynth creates an amazing new experience. -3DVIA is the newest of the 6 Dassault Systèmes brands. Its mission is democratizing the usage of 3D so that everybody can use it in its everyday life, either at work or at home, through the web. Its objective is to give you the power of 3D. -designers Choice.. -pictures -tutorials and lot more -adobe photoshop tutos html&more abt webdesigning

Download: -forum..Publish ur files..upto 1gb and serch for lot more…softwares,ebooks,photos…etc -The search ends here….softwares…..everything for free -bolllywood and lotzzz to download -torrents – freeware and more for office use also. – for mobile wallpapers,themes,games – for downloading ebooks in java format to directly read in mobile without a ebook reader

Wallpapers&more: -wallpaers&more… -for photograph crazy ppl -download icons & lot more for your desktop -Vlad the artist

Technical&informative: -technical info -for communications -wat else….. -everything you ought to know – Knowledge in our hands. -everything abt searchengines[google,yahoo&msn..] -an exciting website for evey techie -How To Do Just About Everything -free online dictionary for computing -Dedicated to preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the public good -everything about wordpress -tamilnadu state syllabus textbooks 1-12th standard -Skelliewag is about creating content your site’s visitors will fall in love with. It’s about using simplicity to your advantage. It’s about being innovative, unique, and creating something worth talking about.(for bloggers).

Movies,Music: -international movie database -Indian Music Database[Only listening] -telugusongs and lot more to download -song downloads -listen to music on net-telugu,hindhi,tamil -all telugu muvie buzz -all bollywood buzz& more. -Guruji Music Search – Guruji Music Search is a one stop shop for all Music lovers searching for Music on the Web.Key-in your favorite number and guruji does the rest.It crawls through the database of numerous music sites and presents your favorite number.Thats it,listen and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.(Its pretty good ,give it a try and i am sure you all will not regret)

News: -a place for journalists, truth tellers and everybody else -Everything is ‘wiki’ here -news and more…… -timesnow news -Ndtv news -bbc news – business news & more -new york times -Business Financial News, Business News Online(wall street journal)

Technology&Gadgets: -chkout urself if ur internet crazy -only next generation dudes!!!!! -stuff that matters wired and everything.. -dns&lot of trivia to chkout -ReadWriteWeb is a popular web log that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis

Social Networking & collaborative: -all new collabarative website[u must b creative!!!!– friends@boys@more of GALS -chkout!!! -business oriented social networking site -Dandelife is a place for you to record the events of your life, past and present, public and private. Have you photos and videos online in different places? No worries. -Tap the collective. You ask a question. We get it to the right people. Everyone discusses the answer.

General: -buy online doods -the people’s president site[a delight for citizens of india] -want to register a new domain,the domain website -The wikifoundation and future works -freewebhosting -online gaming – get involved in helping children -educational toys & unique gifts -book bus tickets online from anywhr to anywhrere -different from obvious -register your pending local complaints in your police station.These people will make sure your complaint is heard by higher police officials.(Started by kiran bedi)

Shopping & Local search: -Network18 shopping stores -Best website to compare products from different manufactures & get the best price in your town. – Best deals on internet-checkout!!! -Best desi[India] Local search[phone numbers,address of hotels,hospitals,gyms -everything in your town]

Interesting: – play around with virtual pets -whole internet on a single page -Sony game -looking for quotes..helpfull -send anonymous mail to anyone frm anyone -the root server[dono wht they r chkout] -find your ipaddr and location – looking for facts trivia-chkout!! -the name says it all -Search for an item in libraries near you. -Library & trade; | The Knowledge Library (Book lending online) -The Zerofootprint Calculator enables you to measure and understand the impact of your lifestyle on the environment. And by aggregating actions that you take with those of the communities to which you belong, you can see how many small changes can become large steps towards sustainability -REVOLUTION OS tells the inside story of the hackers who rebelled against the proprietary software model and Microsoft to create GNU/Linux and the Open Source movement -Picture books are for looking at. Lookybook allows you to look at picture books in their entirety-from cover to cover, at your own pace. We know that nothing will replace the magic of reading a book with your child at bedtime, but we aim to replace the overwhelming and frustrating process of finding the right books for parents and their kids– create slides online and download in office’97 or ’03 or pdf or opendoc format.

www.crossloop.comCrossLoop is a free, secure screen-sharing utility designed for people of all technical skill levels. CrossLoop extends the boundaries of traditional screen sharing by enabling non-technical users to get connected from anywhere on the Internet in seconds without changing any firewall or router settings. It only takes a few minutes to setup and no sign up is required. Security is built into all aspects of CrossLoop – Instant Housecall is a software solution geared toward corporations and individuals that lets I.T. helpdesks provide remote support by viewing and controlling personal computers, regardless of where the user is located. – for students who completed schooling & planning to take a year gap before joing college.Best place to get information about how to spend that year. – for information abt all the clinical trails that are underway in india.

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