I Me Myself


story of whm fans call ‘saitan’

“chaitanya”Welcome everyone to my blog…my first post!!!!here it goes….

                   My abode which i proudly call TUNI[cosmopolitan town]East Godavari district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.Me born and brought up there untill i finished my schooling[right place to learn anything].Thn flew to the vijayawada.The post school[wht else coll] where we knw only three things studies,warden,lecturers.Huh nothing else read,read,read, (hard time)-the days passed nt as hours[study hours].Ofcourse to reach a destiny in life we need that work[hardwork alwayspays].Gowtham-{KKR,ESR,GOVIND,KRR,SSR…..} and the freinds,the place never gonna be erased frm mind.Frames still pass my mind hw those days used tobe.Everyone helped a lot wrote exams…….sailed sailed and docked at the “ETERNAL” harbour at Pondicherry[to do my b.tech EEE] in pondicherry engg college].The place is called Peacefull Pondicherry.Greets us with hoardings saying “GIVE TIME A BREAK”-but nt in our college.To say excatly not college [Engg SCHOOL-i too havent heard this bfore..].Thought of lotz of colouring{lisa’s yar } but nt even black&white..still the historical sepia.Other colouring,the scenic beauty, the beach view frm our coll AD block{shndt miss it}.3 more months….and the countdown is over and i am out of PEC and ofcourse beautiful pondy.

                    Back to the one and only cosmo in INDIA tuni-the grt whr u can find underground planes,flying sausers-transport is basically using these,we rarely see the sky bcoz we are covered and whn we want, the cover opens and we enjoy the nature,it depends on us whn its morning and night,whn it shld rain(grt kada..dont be jealous-come visit tuni to feel lot more of these wonders)-a place whr only technology grows nt ppl..ok ok i willnt boost much ll write a new post abt tuni soon.

                   I was working with communicaiton software major ARICENT GROUP [Communicatons power the world,Aricent powers communication] at Chennai till 2011. Around August 2011, I moved to my dream company CISCO SYSTEMS where i am working in a group that builds world class routing products.



25 thoughts on “I Me Myself

  1. hi sir… i got placed in Aricent recently.. may i know about accommodations in gurgaon.. i am from banglore and i am a girl.. so i need prior knowledge about this before going there.. could you please help me out..

  2. Hey guys can anyone tell me about aricent..i am getting an offer in chennai which is for embedded and on contract basis for 6 months to 1 year. Should i join?

  3. Hi chaitanya..this is manoj..i got placed in aricent by Sept 2010. My degree program (B.E) was over by May 2011.Can you help me out with the date of joining that i can expect?

  4. hello sir,
    i recently got placed n aricent for 2011 batch.can u plz put some light on the package offered during and after training?

  5. Hi chaitanya….can u tel me whether PG students will also have thier training in Delhi…I got placed in Aricent through campus drive 2011 batch…I am doing M.E final year….

    • It depends, cant say anything now.You can have it at chennai/banglore/gurgaon depending on the requirements and availability of training resources..

  6. hello sir,
    I got placed in aricent and my training date is on 30th june’10. I’m an above average student not very good at coding.i really need your help here.. can u pls tell me in which stream should i concentrate or which coding language rather..
    is it easy to pass the tests during training?? is there any prob in case of degrade in performance??
    waiting for ur reply sir 🙂

    • Hi,
      Congratulation on your placement with aricent. Most of the work here will be on java and c.You need know to the basics before cmg for training, thats it. Remaining they will teach you.
      Don’t bother much, believe that you are here by choice but not by chance.

  7. Hai,

    Well yo uremember or not,I remember you.My name is Sri Krishna Chaitanya.I am your classmate in Siddartha Public School,Tuni for around 3 years.if you could remember we are 3 Chaitanyas in class.you me and Chaitanya Kumar.You blog is really intersting to read.Hope you are very good in writing your dairy.


    • How will forget you man.if i remember correctly you are a very good artist.how are you???what are you doing now???give me your e-mail ID.

  8. hi…this is somashekar..me joinin aricent this year…trainin from 13th oct..
    i read ur blog and the nice experiences which u hav told durin ur aricent trainin days…….the blog and the way it was told was super..i really enjoyed readin it….so thought let me leave u a message….by readin ur blog i could get some info regardin aricent trainin……thanks once again:-)

  9. ore saitan ……really nice ….. ur blog brings me the memories of our coll life da ….. love u so much da…

  10. hmmm
    one thing I couldn’t understand was why this “Abhishek Sharma” guy (comment no. 1) asked you to guide him in F1 racing…
    And I thought I had figured the world out, alas..

  11. hi,
    congratulations & welcome to the world of communications.which batch are u??its too early to say whn u ll have ur training.do well ur exams.yes,the training ll b in nalanda,gurgaon,aricent training school.

  12. Your Blog is interesting.
    I got placed in aricent through campus recruitement.
    When will we have our training ?
    will training be conducted in nalanda only or some other training centres ?

  13. saitan dude!!!!

    This is Dinesh, hope u remember me fellow gowthamite. Your blog is pretty interesting esp th president’s speech nd tuni 😉 bein a trojan i cud only say….. fight on!!!!

  14. hi man,
    its great and means very big being an F1 racer.The infrastructure for F1 racing in india is very poor.Its improving year after year.Once the F1 circuit comes in india ,the zeal for the racing will start and so comes the required training and infrastructure.But it needs a lot of money for training.Then getting into racing world is not an easy job.Ofcourse when you try hard nothing is far from reachable.”all the best”

  15. i m abhishek sharma from jodhpur (rajasthan)
    i want to become a f1 racer.
    know i want ki you give me some instruction for my future. i dont know very much about this field but this is my dream. so please guide me.

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