The Lalbagh Experience!

Two weeks back i was in banglore for an important work that could have turned my life around, but it still remained a dream and the experience was forgetable. But something else made my trip to banglore a must remember.A trip to Lalbagh.

I had planned for a trip to Lalbagh where i could put to test my photography skills after the all important work. As the work didnt go well, i was not in high spirits and did not want to go out. But, sekhar and vinod helped me get out of the melancholy by taking me out the next day, we took off from kormangala to lalbagh via wilson garden after a sumtous breakfast at an andhra mess.

We reached the nearest bus terminus to lalbagh at around 11 AM and started off by walk to the place. As we crossed the fusion cinemas, i could see the lalbagh gate and a small hill. I expected the place to be outside the city, in a forest type of setup, but it turned out to be in the middle of a residential area.

The Entrance to Lalbagh Gardens !

A Rs.10 ticket and we are in for an all green experience. A long walk from the gate under the shade of a  dense a line of bougainvillea took us to rocky hill. Expecting something great, we climbed the hill only to see a  lot of waste land around and not much greenery. We climbed down and started off in the other direction in a quest for shade.

The Bougainvillea Path!

We found shade under a large canopy of trees and the feel of a botanical garden slowing started sinking in.

The Canopy Of Trees!

As we moved along, we saw our very own mango trees, sky high asoka trees and trees welcoming us with a bed of yellow flowers shed by them. Then came the most beautiful place, full of flowers from tiny lilies to large chrysanthemums. You can find every color red ,blue, yellow, purple, white.  And on these beautiful flowers are the busy bees doing their routine work of sucking honey, completely oblivious of whats happening around. I went very close to the bees with my camera and they didn’t even seem to mind.

The Lovely Chamanthi !


Flowers Inside A Flower! 

We need to learn a lot from the honey bees for their discipline and dedication towards their work.

Busy Bee! 

Purple Everywhere !
Red,Pink and Purple….

As we moved after a wonderful session of photography whose output you were seeing above, we were welcomed by dense trees followed by a picturesque lake, a perfect setup of a lake surrounded by trees , with a small bridge to cross it and arrangements to sit.

The walk along the lake was an awesome experience and a not-to-miss thing in lalbagh.

An Awesome Experience In The Midst Of Lalbagh!

200 Yrs Old Tree At Lalbagh!

We crossed the lake using the over bridge to get to the other side , a rocky terrain followed and after not much trees. We slowly walked towards the glass house. Currently it was empty, i got to know that in this where the flower show in January & August. Even an empty one was superb and a treat to eyes.I will  make sure to make it to banglore for August 15th to see a colorful glass house.

The Glass House - where the flower show will be held (Jan 26th & Aug 15th) !

A shot at Lalbagh as we move out!

Small & Beautiful !

One More Shot Of Glass House!

Red & White!

It was almost 3 hrs we had been in Lalbagh and after the long walk we were tired and decided to say good-bye to the trees,flowers and the beautiful lake.

A Small Fountain Opposite To Glass House!

A long asoka tree and a lawn !

After a small fountain, a large asoka tree and the same canopy which welcomed us initially, we reached the out-gate and started off to home !

Below is a video i compiled, by mapping the photos i had taken at Lalbagh to Google maps. Used Sony camera’s geo-tagging feature. A testimony that we have covered complete Lalbagh.


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