The magical “Dropbox” on my desktop !

I follow the cruncies awards from techcrunch every year looking out for the year’s best startups and web applications.I somehow missed analyzing the best internet application last year and it turns out to be  the very useful ‘DropBox’. Drop-box is like our traditional post-box where we post envelopes and they reach the destination without our intervention. The […] down due to STP (spanning tree protocol) ?

The STP is a wonderful protocol which is required in the first placed to have faster and shortest path resolution when some of the routes to the server are down.And wordpress is down just because of that…..things can go wrong just anywhere.From the post, think the problem is that the redundant port is of less […]

IPL is back with a T(ech)ang !

The IPL is back and what a way to begin, the mind boggling opening ceremony and the match between KKR and deccan chargers. KKR won, Dada at the helm and  he proved why he is the most successful captain  of India. Apart from the  fact that IPL is back to india, the major difference this […]

Living the web way- (week-1)

The world is changing and the future will be about living life ‘ The Web Way ‘. Starting this today, every sunday i will write about the three websites that i felt very interesting and engaging.They can be even from my from my bookmarks that i store at xmarks website. Websites may range from news […]

Weird Searches on google !!

My iGoogle homepage has a google-india hot trends app, which show the search trends in india.Two days back when i saw the list, to my surprise i founs  ‘ when will i get married ‘ search item was at No.7 in that list. Poor google, it is a search engine which aggregates the data on […]

Swirl around with Google Image Swirl !!

A week back google launched the google image swirl,  i think it is the offspring of the similar images launched by google some 6 months back.Of late, Google is putting emphasis on image search which is previously just a dumb tag search – checking for the tags associated with the pics and showing them up […]