Choosing the right processor for your Lappy…

As my desire to buy a laptop which is simmering for quite long time is about reach the boiling point, i thought a little research about the new Intel processors would help me in choosing the best one.  The “sponsors of tomorrow” started this year with a new line of  ‘I’ series processors.  This time Intel has hit the right note,  no more head banging to choose the processor, the range is divided based on where and who can use them. The major improvement from the previous core 2 duo & dual core is that each core of the current  processors can handle 2 threads simultaneously.  Simply put, each core can handle two tasks at a time. Faster doesn’t mean that you can open folders or files quickly, they mean you can do multiple tasks simultaneously. For example, you can listen to songs, browse internet and do some photo editing at the same time.What it means is no more sluggish Winamp or Microsoft word or  Mozilla.

Lets go a bit deep into the processor family, Intel has divided the series into three lines

  • Intel i3 – 2 core/4 thread processors with up to 2.36 Ghz.  Best for Internet,  normal Video, low-level gaming and basic multimedia applications.
  • Intel i5 – 2 core/4 thread processors and up to 3.06 Ghz with  turbo boost.  Best suited for all the things I3 supports with better efficiency.Medium level gaming and for business applications.
  • Intel i7 – 4 core / 8 thread processors and up to 3.36 Ghz with turbo boost. Best suited for HD Video play back , creating high-end multimedia applications  and high-level gaming.The best processors available in the market.

The Intel website even had the info about the each attribute in the above table.Let go about them one by one,

  • Cores/Threads – These are the heart of any processor.  The more the cores , more simultaneous tasks &  more speed.  Also the new ‘I’ series support two threads per core giving you more power to perform multiple tasks.
  • Clock Speed – This is the pulse of the processor.  This data talks about how fast the processor performs an activity. The higher the Ghz the faster the processor. If you’re the one who uses lot of multimedia applications like Photoshop , coreldraw,  movie maker or business apps like Word, Excel  or Watch HD-Movies online etc.,  go for higher clock .
  • Cache – This is like having info at your finger tip that just comes out anytime and faster . The processor keeps the frequently accessed data in here. This helps when you run rich media apps & games.For general usage this can take a back seat.Unless you go for I7, it’s just 3Mb.
  • Silicon – We the consumers have nothing to do with this. This is basically for the manufactures.It the size of the silicon used in the processor. The small the processor size, the less energy leak , heat.
  • Turbo Boost – This is a new technology introduced in the ‘I’ series, Intel claim that the unused portions of the core which were being switched of in the earlier series will be put to use for the current single/multiple tasks.Like if you are using a single heavy application, which uses only a single core the other cores instead of sitting idle will aid the current core to achieve higher performance.
    • Hyper-Threading – This is a same old technology available called  Hyper Threading (HT) available in earlier core 2 duo series.This also helps to run multimedia apps with virus softwares, audio-player, IM etc.

      So for my usage, i reckon I5 will be the best bet. So choose the best processor  [bring in the money factor also before deciding one 🙂 ] and Rock On…… Pumm Pum pum pum.


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