Hot Trends [dont jump the gun] – i meant google’s list

I got back to office after a mis-adventure [don’t ask me what] , only to see the mis-adventure feature at a medium level on the google india trends list in my iGoogle home page.Whenever i hit the ‘fox’ , my iGoogle page shows the current trends – be it breaking news,exams,jobs,gadgets,film buzz,audio release everything that […]


A special page in my blog exclusively for Websites i have visited recently and enjoyed.Checkout, they can take you deep into the Internet. “Information is Wealth,Internet is Information.” You can visit it here:

knol-“googlepedia” knowledge sharing website from google

Google┬áis back with a big bang this time with a bigger surprise with nothing otherthan an enclyclopedia for all.The name ofcourse from brand google its called “KNOL”-stands for a ‘unit of knowledge’.Now begins a huge competetion between wikipedia and google.Presently the top search result for most of the terms in google is wikipedia.Now the google […]