IPL is back with a T(ech)ang !

The IPL is back and what a way to begin, the mind boggling opening ceremony and the match between KKR and deccan chargers. KKR won, Dada at the helm and  he proved why he is the most successful captain  of India. Apart from the  fact that IPL is back to india, the major difference this […]

Whom should i support? What should i watch? What should i listen? – The IPL Conundrum

The IPL2 has begun far away from the Indian sub-continent in the rainbow nation.But its hullabaloo is omnipresent from hut, apartment & bungalow to rail, road & air to TV, radio & internet to poor, rich & super-rich to laborers, politicians & business magnate’s to villages, cities & a billion people. May be I can’t escape this […]

When I became Nostalgic

Whenever I see the ‘R’ symbol on the gearbox of our car, the idea that how nice it would be if ‘Our Life Had A Reverse Gear’ strikes my mind. Having come to the so called Indian Fast lane through the expressways [Golden Quadrilateral] of the Indian countryside, somewhere deep in my mind I still […]

Three Mistakes of My Life(Book Review)-chetan bhagat

With his new book Three mistakes of my life, chetan bhagat unfolds yet another youthish way of writing.The book has everything from earthquakes to emotion,sex to selling cricket kits,friendship to love to betrayal,religion to riots,cakes to kachories and lot more!!!!.With full of hyphened words(just-best-friends),the f-words we can say he targetted youth.The characters in the book are […]