Rock,Pop,Jazz[Nt Music Analogies]-they describe life@Aricent

[Update:  The training programs have undergone some changes from the time i joined in 2007 to cope up with the changing pace of telecom industry and to make freshers more productive from the first day of their induction into any project. So please don’t consider the test patterns given in this post for granted, of-course the Fun […]

“Will it be Risen India or Only Rising India”-by chaitu

Not the best time to write this blog sensex all time high,rupee appreciating $,booming India Inc.,Rocking indian cricket team]!!!! The FM says GDP is rising,out of 1 billion people how many know ABC?? The HR ministry fights for the reservations in the India’s most prestigious institutions[IIM’S],who cares for the government schools,most of the govt. schools […]