IPL is back with a T(ech)ang !

The IPL is back and what a way to begin, the mind boggling opening ceremony and the match between KKR and deccan chargers. KKR won, Dada at the helm and  he proved why he is the most successful captain  of India. Apart from the  fact that IPL is back to india, the major difference this year is that IPL has gone Internet-techTwitter-tech, Tube-Tech, Google-Tech !

The below screen shot of Google India  home page sums it up all. IPL has occupied the most precious real estate on the internet world.This happened only two times before, once when nexus one was launched and next when Google wave was introduced.

Its live on youtube and many other networks all across the world. It is sure to trend everytime a match is played on twitter like KKR did yesterday. The is a vodafone zoo-zoo’s are back on ibnlive.com asking us to buy tickets,merchandise. A banner on cricinfo asks us to try coaching KKR.Any page , any where its one and only IPL .Micromax mobile is the timeout partner reminding us to go get a snack.  It is only IPL for the next one month.

Media electronic or paper or web will  Eat,Drink and Sleep  IPL for the  next one month.

Lalit Modi has once again proved what would be like when he is  the boss. Kudos to you and your team, IPL is been more reachable now. Now that IPL is live on net,  it gives cricket websites a run for their money.

One thing i would still miss is  the coverage by ESPN/STAR. It is a treat to every sport enthusiasts  eyes & ears..

Wishing the IPL team all the best…You rock !!!  Many more to go…I will try to blog more on the tech side of IPL2010.

FYI – IPL on Net


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