Living the web way- (week-1)

The world is changing and the future will be about living life ‘ The Web Way ‘.

Starting this today, every sunday i will write about the three websites that i felt very interesting and engaging.They can be even from my from my bookmarks that i store at xmarks website. Websites may range from news to sports to gadgets to shopping to photography to tutorials to technical to technology to everything the web may offer…..

Today, i was going through the techcrunchies2009 list and found the following websites interesting.

  1. ( shopping ) – this website helps us to search the local stores for products we need to buy.You can give the ‘product name’ and the locality from where you would like to buy the product.In a flash, you will get all the info from shop address to product to specifications to its price. It is very fast and the information is good.Sitting in India, i can search for a product i would like my friend to bring for me from USA. Tell him to go to the particular shop and get it makes life easier for him.Try this out…..
  2. ( website bookmarking site ) – One of the best inventions for people like me, who browse from different places and  bookmark lot of web. Before i knew something like this existed, i would export my bookmarks as HTML page and save it as drafts in my Gmail.After i discovered xmarks things became very simple.I will browse from my office,friends room..etc – bookmark the page and press the sync button.That’s it, i will come back home and as soon as i open my Firefox the bookmarks are there updated. The bookmarks can be accessed directly from the website itself or else we can install the plug-ins for firefox and it will sync the bookmarks automatically.For all the internet worms this is a great app to re-visit the places of interest.
  3. ( your website analysis and marketing effectiveness ) – this is a very interesting tool i found from tech-crunch site.It generates a huge list of data w.r.t your website from under whom the web-page is registered to what can be done for improving the website.The free version has info about google indexed pages,meta data,interior page analysis,last gogle crawl date and social quotient of the website.The premium one has lot more features but for cost.Try this to improve traffic to your website or the user experience.

This is it, for this week.c u nxt week folks….


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