Weird Searches on google !!

My iGoogle homepage has a google-india hot trends app, which show the search trends in india.Two days back when i saw the list, to my surprise i founs  ‘ when will i get married ‘ search item was at No.7 in that list.

How can google show this ??

Poor google, it is a search engine which aggregates the data on internet and gives us the results.How can one expect google answer to such questions, they should turn to parrots at chennai beach or astrologers.

Still, i wanted to check what links does google show up . Also i tried the same on ( it is created for question type of searches ).Here are the results

As always,  Google’s page-rank wins the race against ask’s expert-rank. Google throwed up a quiz to findout & a horoscope page in its first two results.I found that google doesn’t have sponsored links for that.This real estate is out for sale….

Ask gave some sponsored links of matrimony websites [which are only relavent if you are searching for a bride ] & a page which says ‘ You will get married when you find a decent person with who you will talk and come to a mutual decision about children…… ‘.

No wonder Google’s  Zeitgeist has searches  like ‘ how to impress a girl ‘ , ‘ how to kiss ‘ at its top….


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