Swirl around with Google Image Swirl !!

A week back google launched the google image swirl,  i think it is the offspring of the similar images launched by google some 6 months back.Of late, Google is putting emphasis on image search which is previously just a dumb tag search – checking for the tags associated with the pics and showing them up in the search results page in the place of text.

Before  these were launched ,  if you have noticed it or not the image search page of Google now has an option to filter images based on color [choose show options ] . You can even find a black rose, black swan, Red Moon..[:)] . Seriously speaking ,  it is amazing – search for Taj mahal and refine based on colors, it throws up interesting results. Blue filter- Taj with Blue sky in the background ; Red filter – Tai during sunset, Black filter – black & white images of TAJ.Isn’t it interesting….?

If the above one is stunning, the swirl & similar images takes the experience to a completely different level, particularly swirl.This is where google’s USP is they make you spend time on their page to search,analyse & then reach the target page.The basic difference between swirl & similar images is as the text in the google labs website puts it is that  “swirls puts them [the images ] in an intuitive exploratory interface”.

Swirl is basically a tree with Similar images as its branches.

Swirl beta will change the way we search images, basically it is a tree of similar images allowing us to swirl around and find the right image.The images relating to the search term will form of a tree with each branch having the different images.When you click on a branch it becomes a tree again with images similar to that of that branch and when you reach the last branch a click ends you up on the web page of that image.The buck stops here for Google , it would have been too good if the last branch opens the complete image but not the web page. Google can’t do a Flickr here  b’coz it can’t directly show up the content on others pages – it has to take you there. Whereas Flickr can show the image directly, eagerly waiting to see Yahoo do something like swirl and put it up on flickr.It will be simply superb and lot more useful. Yahoooooo…hope you are  reading this one.

P.S: I tried a search for the term ‘ Indian cars’  in the swirl and it works great.Shows up all cars including an auto-the Indian luxury car [:)], different car models in all its branches.The honda city branch took me to different models and different terrains.

Try the ‘ indian actors ‘ search term and have fun, it has some very funny branches..


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