Read It Plain!!!

These days i am reading lot of articles on web.Who will not when its free ?.Be it cricket,news articles,blogs,gadgets,but the ads which decorate the complete page annoy [no offense to Google..] me, how to make ur teeth shine-how to reduce ur tummy-you are the millionth visitor, i can’t concentrate on these articles.

Are the Text Ads annoying u while reading articles on web,try the print button!!

I tried lot of  ways but these ads still didn’t leave me. At last i found a very good alternative, just click on the print button above/below the articles and – there it goes the plain text without any ads.Here is an example before & after.It works on all websites.This made my reading easier even on websites like ibnlive, nytimes, techcrunch..etc.May be it will help u too….


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