Airtel slashes STD rates!!

The competition between service companies is always for the good of us ‘ The Consumer ‘.In the recent tariff wars between Airtel & Vodafone “The Consumer” has once again emerged as the king.Recently , Vodafone slashed  the region specific STD call rates (South Pack,North ..etc) for a top-up of 35/- to 0.50 paisa a minute.I being an Airtel loyalist felt jealous about my friends using Vodafone as they saved almost 50% for every call.I hoped that soon airtel would follow suit and was in two minds whether to stay or siwtch.

Airtel Advantage

Airtel Advantage

Today the mighty Airtel just did what i thought, it announced a new  and a better plan ‘Airtel Advantage’ to outplay its rivals.Through this plan one can call to any local & STD Airtel mobiles for 50/- paisa a minute and to others at 60/- paisa a minute[Top-up is between 35/- to 77/- depending on the state you live in].This is big leap for Airtel serving almost 110 million people around India.I still cannot get on to this plan as this is presently limited to PrePaid customers only [:(].While i await for this plan on Airtel postpaid or change to prepaid, all other prepaid airtel  inter-state migrants enjoy the offer.Happy Talking !!!!

Even during this downturn the telecom companies are the ones that have grown tremendously.Airtel has achieved  24% Y-O-Y profit for the quarter that ended on June.As the mobile turned from a luxury to  necessity as it happened to television  in the 90’s, hope the telecom companies would pamper us with more offers&benefits.Now that the call costs have become almost as low as a local SMS costs , what would be the future???.May be the SMS & Calls would be free and we may need to pay only for the data charges.Hope this day comes very soon !!!!

Caution: With more and more telecom companies  like TATA- DoCoMo,MTS,Unitech booming in India be careful when switching to these networks from already established one’s as these new operators will not have the infrastructure to back their offers.Recently when DoCoMo came in, it offered any call at 1/- paisa per second and lot of my friends bought the sims only to find no or very low network coverage through-out chennai.Wait for a week r two , when a new company is able to offer such low rates how come established ones can stay mum, they will offer us lot more just like Airtel did.  Take Care!!!


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