I am back & With A Tech-post

It is quite a long time since my ideas turned into bits and moved around the blogosphere. I can escape by saying am-a-little-too-busy but i cannot deny the fact that i am-a-bit-too-lazy.An article on CAT is pending for around 4 months to be edited and posted.It is still lingering in my purse, i will post  it by next week touch-wood.But i want to kickoff my blogging spree  with a small post on some tech,gadget news which i came across during this break.From here on i will be posting some tech & networking posts which i browse from net or learn at my office.

Ok, enter the Techno-dramatic world!!!!!!!!!!

  • There is a new ‘URL shortner’ servicebit.lywhich shortens literally any web link [even > 200 characters] to anything less than 10 character link.You can use ,share & even track how many visits to that page.For more on this checkout the faq’s section on their page.Already twitter,Blackberry and lot of services started using this,why not u???
  • Next comes ‘Goggle’s homepage‘ – the  costliest real estate on internet has grown a bit.Its search box has grown bigger and the font size of the text we type in has also increased.In Marrisa’s word its an all new Super Sized Search.
  • There is a new tool on net which allows one to make  a cartoon movie out of text.It helps a lot for those in teaching especially the kindergarten teachers.Children when they see those little rabbits,dogs and colors they tend to become more involved in the lesson.
  • Next is an online publication tool that is absolutely free.Write,Capture or draw – literally anything can be published online.You can say why not a blog?.Its USP is that you can create a magazine out of it.Something which virtually looks like a book.Its great checkit out!
  • For everyone in Chennai [India]  a website of a shop in riche street which basically lists prices of all electronic items.Just check this one before embarking on buying any gadget [may be we can save bucks for that evening snack].
  • And here it is a new kid in the block to outsmart google.In bing the search results are not yet par to google,but it gives much more info on the search page than google does.Microsoft has spent huge amount money on marketing ‘Bing’  but  if you have noticed it  or not whenever you type something in IE’s address bar other than a valid link it now takes you to bing search page by default.I reckon this is the great USP for Microsoft compared to other search engines because its free marketing and it can reach myriad audiences all over the world.
  • There is a new apple IPOD which can record video, the iPhone has an upgraded version,the playstations-ipods rates are down,the net book  phenomenon has hit a high,palm pre evolved as a competition to iPhone,the apps store has become a money making machine for many.
  • If you are using Netflix now you get 10% relevent results on what movie will you be liking.Thanks to crowd sourcing by Netflix a group of developer from around the world developed algorithms to make it better by 10% and won $1 million.
  • The one mobile application i stumbled upon recently and i am loving it.A free mobile-book website wattpad.com which has some very interesting books for free supporting  java, Symbian formats.You can just download it and read them.The user interface is great and i bet you will also love it.
  • Last but not the least the CAT has become online from this year.The application & registration process kick started yesterday.

So until next week while i edit the post on CAT good bye , good luck!!!!


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