‘SARVAM’ Movie Review

This film by Vishnu vardhan starts with the quote “Death is not the end of life – Upanishad”. Having watched the film, I sincerely hope this quote comes good for Vishnu after this utterly dismal film. Myself an ardent fan of trisha was excited when the release date was announced and booked tickets as soon as booking were opened to watch trisha on the 70mm after a long time, at the end to find only to my dismay that her OSP(on screen presence) was less than 45 mins & present only in one-half of the songs. Not to miss she was stunning & gorgeous in both the songs. Two things are for sure Arya has to revamp himself  for romantic films & a bad story in hands of even a good director is not worth watching.

                                    The story is about the pain of losing loved one’s, how lunatic one can become after such an incident & how far one may go to assuage his aggression. The director tried to showcase this sensitive feeling in a different way by adding some romance & a twist which backfired in a big way. I had never felt so uncomfortable in a theater; even at the beginning of the movie one can’t understand the introduction song’s context.

Can watch only for the Beautiful munnar sceneries, two songs & the First Half.More than this you will be testing your patience nothing else.

                           While some timely comedy dialogues by arya like the scene in which one of his friend asks ‘where are you? you told me that we will be going for a simbu movie’ arya replies ‘i am about to jump off from the 7th floor’ then his friend says ‘no no we will go for a Ajit movie ‘, the yelling by JD chakravarthi, a single more than romantic song featuring trisha and the only twist may take you through to the interval. But the real suffering starts from the second half. Any movie buff can guess the story at the start of second half that arya will do what it takes for the safety of the boy [whom JD want to kill] as the boy has the heart of arya’s sweetheart and the story ends at the first scene where two people fight against the backdrop of an old half-ruined church in the middle of a forest .The story is obvious but one can’t stop beating his head to understand why the boy always craves for his bag, what is in it? What magic potion arya drank that even after a venomous knife jab in his stomach, he survives for a full day fighting with JD & running with the boy? How did arya manage to that mind boggling song amid flying cars, the adventure of stopping a lorry with single hand? [He reminded me of Telugu super star Balakrishna].

            The insensible mundane dialogues will follow you throughout the film even if you sleep under the AC as JD will wake you up with his yell and reminds you that you deserve this .I am waiting to get out , but the pain of having bought the tickets for 120/- and snacks for 50/- stopped me from doing that. My mind reminded me that ‘never judge a book by its cover, never watch a movie without asking like minded friends review’. But one thing I can tell, kudos to the marketing team of sarvam who have done an excellent job of able make us buys a product which is useless in any way.

For all of them who are reading this, if you have seen the movie tell your like-minded friends not to watch & waste valuable time rather ask them to go for the comic Monsters & Aliens or the excellent Ayan. If you haven’t seen yet, please sit back and watch the exciting IPL 2 or the Election Drama. If you still want to watch go with a brave heart without any expectations.


2 thoughts on “‘SARVAM’ Movie Review

  1. awesomely written review!

    plesase spread the word about this BORE of a film!

    we cant have more of this coming out again!

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