Whom should i support? What should i watch? What should i listen? – The IPL Conundrum

The IPL2 has begun far away from the Indian sub-continent in the rainbow nation.But its hullabaloo is omnipresent from hut, apartment & bungalow to rail, road & air to TV, radio & internet to poor, rich & super-rich to laborers, politicians & business magnate’s to villages, cities & a billion people. May be I can’t escape this buzz? And I bet you too can’t when our demigods are busy striking the ball out of the park for a DLF max or sending the batsman’s middle stump for a walk [A Citi Moment of success].

When Gilchrist’s Deccan Chargers Discharging their last years charge , Dhoni’s boys riding on Hayden’s back, Warne’s boys trying to get their last years luck & combination right, Kings XI Punjab banking on their warrior prince Yuvraj, Mallya still questioning his cricketing sense, Khan praying the gods to shower some luck on their team, Hooow can one miss!!!!!!

What better a true cricket maniac can ask for than the match between KKR & RajRoyals – a cliffhanger at last grabbed by RR.Dada proved he haven’t lost the cricketing touch while judging the Angels for KKR.The two catches[one that smith holded on to & the other KKR couldn’t hold on in the super over] proved decisive.While i write this, there is one more close contest won by KXI Punjab against the Deccan’s.The Day before yesterdays high voltage clash between CSK & KXI Punjab was another must watch, the Big Man Hayden & the Price Yuvraj fighting for who can hit harder & longer contest – yuvi won [119mts DLF max].The real Cricketainament is up for grabs.

And now to the title of my post,Which team should i support?

My all time favorite Dada’s KKR or the Masters Sachin & Sanath’s MI or the magical Warne & hard hitting Yusufs’s RR or the swashbuckling Shewag , Gambir & AbDe’s DD or the cool dhoni, big man hayden, & the mystery bowler Murali’s CSK or the stylish southpaw Yuvi’s KXI Punjab or the Wally & Jumbo’s RCB or the mighty Gilchrist, Rohit & RP’s DC? Which team? When my favorite players pitch one against the other, I am in a soup, whether to enjoy for one’s success or sob for others loss. I know my internal struggle has no answer as many of you out there. I don’t want to find an answer either. I believe that the wins, loses, draws doesn’t matter when ‘True Cricket Emerges As the Winner’.

Cheer for every four & six! Admire the beautiful in swinging Yorker dislodge the rooted stumps – True cricket at its best.

What should I watch??

The marriage between cricket & entertainment has thrown lot of color into the IPL making cricket just another part of the concoction. This throws the above q? Should i watch the Angel’s dimple whenever she smiles or the gorgeous shetty behind her glasses wave the RR flag or the cheer girls with lot of skin on display or the pretty S.A’s lasses or the Vodaphone ZooZoo’s beauty tips, another ZooZoo’s great fall, another ZooZoo’s walk round the Eiffel tower or the beautiful sunset over the cape town hills or the beautiful vidya’s romance with maddy or the fly cam traveling above the pitch from one end to other or the huh! now the cricket – yuvraj hitting his trademark on-side hook over the boundary for a sixer – the classic sachin’s off-drive – Warne’s magic ball pitching on the leg and rooting the off-stump off – Hayden’s humungous six or RP taking sachin’s middle stump out. Lot to see! Lot to assimilate! As always the contest between the bat & the ball is always sexier than all other that is on display. The determination, aggression, lighter moments, the inside hunger to win matches for their team, those moments of HiFi’s after the success & spirited post-match hand-shakes between the teams makes cricket lovely to watch. Cricket emerges as the answer for the Q.

What should I listen?

Whenever I switch to the SET Max, my poor ear bears the grunt of the cacophony from the speaker. Again I am in a fix, which sounds to relish & which not. The trademark adjectives from the commentary box – immaculate, impeccable, humongous, exquisite, classic, pretty & lovely [the new additions for the SA’s lasses] or the nouns DLF, Hero Honda, Vodaphone, Citi  or the alien gossip between the Zoo Zoos [love them or hate them but you can’t miss them] or the romantic banter between maddy & vidya or the Mandira’s buzz or the Sweet ‘Tuck’ sound produced from the contact between the ball & the sweetest part of the willow while the ball travels out of the park. I relish the last one the most & I believe you all will as well. Again the cricket is the answer for this Q.

At the end, the IPL conundrum may be solved or unsolved but one thing is for sure ‘Sport is what wiil emerge as the winner’ in this IPL no matter even if it is hidden under the façade of entertainment & sponsorship.

Cheers to Lalit & Co…..


4 thoughts on “Whom should i support? What should i watch? What should i listen? – The IPL Conundrum

  1. My Votes goes for Zoozoos.
    The comic characters which really won heart of lakhs and crores here and abroad.

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