Barack Hussein Obama – The Phenomenon

When Martin Luther king Jr. said “I have a dream that one day my four little children will live in a country which will judge them, not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” or when Rosa Parks refused to offer a seat in a bus to a white man, which resulted in  America’s biggest civil rights moment – no one in the wildest of their dreams would have thought that one day a black man with “Hussein” as his middle name would stand on the balcony of the white house and take the pledge of protecting America.


But, on 20th January, 2009 that is what happened. History was created when Barack Hussein Obama became the first black president of the United States of America. This 47’ something democratic senator from Illinois born to a Kenyan father & an American mother; lived in Kenya, Indonesia; a civil rights activist; a lawyer by profession; a basketball fan; a hardcore admirer of Abraham Lincoln (the man who fought for the rights of blacks); who was a rookie at the 2004 democratic convention brought the entire world to a virtual standstill for that 17 minutes “He spoke & the world listened” after he took oath.

From the day he started his campaign for the primaries, his promise of ‘change’ & the confidence that “yes we can” gave the required morale boost to the Americans, who are going through one of their worst times since the great depression of 1930’s. His campaign speeches sent reverberations not only to the rival republican’s camp but also to his democratic counterpart Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even made the veteran Republican McCain to commit the regrettable mistake of choosing the hot, fashionable, hockey mother Sarah Palin to match obama’s charisma, which eventually backfired. An Indian author in conversation with Bharka Dutt even went ahead and said “Only way Obama could lose the race is  if Sarah Palin seduces him & elopes with him”.

Eventually Hillary  had to bow down to this neophyte,join with millions of other Americans  and echo alog with them -“Together We Can”. As he won the primaries, the race for the most coveted seat in the world is almost over. Everyone was already overwhelmed by his charisma. The historians started dusting the books to ink a new chapter in the history of American. On November 4th 2008 its McCain’s turn to join millions of others, he said “I had the honor of calling Senator Barack Obama to congratulate him” at the start of his concession speech.

Obama became the change he want to see

History was created,  the victory speech  was an inspiring rhetoric which had some electric quotes like “There are no blue states & red sates but only united states of America”,” If someone still have any doubt about the great American dream, today you clear  that by electing me”. His acceptance speech amid the chants ‘Obama Obama..’ , ‘Change is Here’, ‘Yes We Can’, ‘America America’, the Obama fervor engulfed the whole world.Wathcing the scenes live in NBC ,i had goose bumps .


On 20th January at the white house when he took the oath the whole world watched. Be it India, Europe, Russia, Kenya.indonesia, the left over Iraq. the entire world glued to their television sets to witness history being created. With Michelle by his side, his daughters Malia and Sasha clicking away his father becoming the president of United States of America,he kept his left hand on the Lincoln bible and took the oath of not only protecting america but the whole world.The light of hope at the end of the recession tunnel started glowing, far away but the light is there.

I had never celebrated a politician’s victory like I had obama’s. I was also bitten by the ‘Bug of Change’ like millions of others in the world. I became a Obama maniac. Let’s wish him all the strength & good luck to pursue his promise and lighten the “Tunnel of darkness”.

Elections in India are around the corner and there is no single politician yet who can unite us like Obama did in America. I strongly hope in the future India will also see a politician of Obama’s character.Jai Ho…


2 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama – The Phenomenon

  1. we have to give him some time to prove his mettle.I was actually talking about the way he revolutionised the election campaign,winning from nowhere.I strongly believe he has the strength to do great things..but it will take time..thanks for your views!!

  2. His popularity vote is going down day by day….He has already started breaking his promises … I am not surprised if he will be one among the same old politicians..

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