At the spot-‘Virtually’

When Mumbai was burning, the clouds over chennai started weeping, leaving me no option but stick to the television set and watch the “Mumbai Mayhem” unfold. Here it is, a viewer’s reaction to the terrorists action.
The media:

As the first bullets are fired at the Leopold’s café, the sounds reverberated into the media houses at New Delhi. Yes, the breaking news button is pressed- “gang wars”, as their Mumbai bureaus jumped into action, “gang wars” gave way to “terrorist attacks “.As the names of Taj, Oberoi, came in they understood this is something unprecedented. Reporters & their video journalists started off to share the story with rest of the world. “Phone calls gave way to live courage”;”Text gave way to live streaming on their websites”; little did they know that it will take 3 days to get back home.

“Running, Crouching, Talking, Shooting [read Video], analyzing” translated the “Mumbai Mayhem” headline to “India’s 9/11”.How come the media can’t be isolated from the bollywood-mania?.They started shooting the live encounter as a bollywood flick. “Mistaking grenade launcher with sniper”, showing what should not be”, “position of the police”-they have to understand that the “handlers-people helping terrorist” will also be watching. When the terrorists have sophisticated weapons, what about their gadgets? Satellite phones convey them the info to them faster than anything. The media has to learn, it’s not the fight for TRPs but to save lives of innocent people.

“Men & Women” , “Young & Old”, “Editor to reporter ” -amid the grenades ,gunfire, night & morning -Kudos to your efforts to show us the grotesque incident happened in Mumbai, this coverage is what made people feel that it happened at their doorstep, to come out united in the fight against it.

The Unsung Heroes:

The Mumbai police are no strangers to terror attacks, they got into action right away. Having lost their icons [Ashok kamte, Salaskar, karkarae] at the beginning itself, they understood that it was a daunting task for them. Called up the NARCOS & the NSG .For them, as a NSG commando said after the encounter “Hamko koyi muskhil nahi [for us nothing is difficult]”.Strategies were made on the flight [IL-76] ,they came in took control of the ‘Taj’ , ‘Nariman’ , ‘Oberoi’ .With a motto that their bullets should not hurt innocent citizens,they proceeded slowly .The encounter was culminated with the super sacrifice of 2 of their men & 14 police officers.They proved it is not the Marathi manos [Raj’s sena], the netas & 10 janapath that saved Mumbai, but these brave Indian Soldiers.

I had goose bumps when the commandos came out of the Nariman house with “Thumps Up” and the crowd started clapping, chanting slogans like “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

The innocent citizens:

Little did the people dining at the ‘Tiffin [Oberoi]”, Taj & the guests invited by the rabbi at the Nariman house knew about the danger that is going to jolt them. There are corporate’s celebrating client win, people attending marriage receptions ,birthday treats, little children with their parents waiting to start their fairytale journey on the train among dead. What did they all do???????????

The only sin they or we committed that I could think is “Electing wrong people to power”. Of course there are very less right people to choose from. Until ‘we the people’ think of the word ‘politics’ always preceded by ‘dirty’ and no one want to touch the politicians even with a 1mt long stick India will be like this and the routine continues:

“The babus promise to do great things, we elect them, they won’t deliver their promise, they promise they will do it next time, we elect them again, they will promise again”.”Think a minute before pressing the proverbial button to vote”
The Politicians:

Whenever their two hands join-our hands are stuck between them, a topi on their head-please don’t believe anything I say, election manifesto-their history books – yes I am talking about the ‘netas’. The so called saviors of a democracy. 60 Hrs is enough for them to decide the agenda for the next 6 months. The BJP are the happy lot as they can bank on the terrorists. The congress at last got chance to show door to Home & CM & DCM and play the ‘aam aadmi first’ card. They know elections are around the corner and the people have are left only with two players-either ‘lotus’ or ‘aam aadmi ks hath’.

The netas nonchalant attitude is widely evident be it ‘R.R.Patil’s’ statement -‘these things keep happening in big cities’ or Deshmukh’s so called ‘disaster tourism package for R.G.V’.I agree that India is a ‘caste-o-graphic’ nation, but we elect you so that we become ‘demo-o-graphic’. Until the word ‘communalism’ is removed from the political lexicon, India stands where it is at independence w.r.t poverty & illiteracy. Lot of people see-saw above & below the poverty line [whenever they pay the bribe they go below the poverty line-all the money into the hands of babus ].We pay taxes which pays for your protection [the lady Raj has 350 people in her convoy],what are you doing to protect us ???????

“At least now please stand-up & take notice that there are not just votes but people out there”

The Terrorists:

These ‘determined’, ‘remorseless’, ‘outrageous’ twenty something youth reminds me where illiteracy & poverty can lead people to.  ‘Learning makes or breaks a person ‘, we were taught love, and these people were taught hatred. Hatred towards particular community, nation. So they become terrorists. The head’s of these terror outfits should be killed first, these innocent poor people work on their instructions .These terrorists are as good as us when they are born.

“The NSG had won the battle against terror, so did the sun against the clouds over Chennai. We got Independence, so that I can “Step Out” and the “Max city” can bounce back to Maximum.”

laakh laakh roz aake bas jaate hai
is sheher is dil laga ke phas jaate hai
sone ki raahon mein soone ko jaaga nahi
shola hai ya hai bijuriya dil ki bajariya bambai nagariya


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