Three Mistakes of My Life(Book Review)-chetan bhagat

With his new book Three mistakes of my life, chetan bhagat unfolds yet another youthish way of writing.The book has everything from earthquakes to emotion,sex to selling cricket kits,friendship to love to betrayal,religion to riots,cakes to kachories and lot more!!!!.With full of hyphened words(just-best-friends),the f-words we can say he targetted youth.The characters in the book are matured,a true representation of next-gen guys(govind) & gals(vidya).With the backdrop of the-businessman-state Gujarat,chetan takes us through the ups & downs of business,friendship & life.From the natural calamities to the greedy-political-riots,how they can shatter the dreams of young,he says them all.

Like imran hasmii,chetan never misses a chance to present the ‘K-Word’ but in this book he goes a little far to present the F-word.Beginning on a suicide note it has everything, as we read it takes us through cricket-to-friendship-to-business-to-tution-to-love-to-lust-to-earthquake-to-Australia-to-riots(2002-godra)-to-betrayal(Protocol)-to-murder-to-friendship-to-business.And the Three Mistakes???,no guesses pick one and read.Overall its written with a lot of indian ingrediants  and tastes good too!!.I don’t say its a must read, but priced at 95/-(Rs 5/- lessthan the poverty line of readers) you can very well pick one and give it a ll definitely like it….(at-least Vidya…..)

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3 thoughts on “Three Mistakes of My Life(Book Review)-chetan bhagat

  1. I finished this book in a week. I started reading this book with slow pace. But as I finished reading up to 10 chapters I could not resist the temptation to finish. it It’s a very good story about a person who wants to be successful in business and how his life takes unexpected turns…I particularly like the last 5 chapters which have many twists…Overall excellent read…

  2. well , i totally agree with Chaitanya that the book has a lots of things all together. But the question arises the need for all that . It was full of masala like our bollywood movies. the way he started he could have ended it in a better way. But still I think that I liked reading it , Chetan has something really fabulous that even if you think his book is not satisfying your intellectual appetite , you can’t stop reading it ,as it makes you think about things that you skip in day-to-day life , in this case I thought about “the three mistakes of my life”.

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