‘Brand Nahi tho Kuch Nahi’

A ‘brand’ [how to describe] is a promise to customer. This term has become the prefix to almost to all our daily needs now-a-days.

A typical persons daily routine:


Gets up in the morning brushes his teeth with ‘oral-b’ brush & ‘close-up’ paste, takes bath in ‘Hindware’ designer Bathroom with ‘dove’ soap,’fiama-de-wills’ shampoo.Gets dry himself with a ‘ruggers’ towel,wears a ‘Allensolly’ shirt,’Raymond’s’ pant,ofcourse wears ‘levis’ undergarments first,applies a ‘Axe’ deo,’ponds’ powder,applies ‘set wet’ hair gel  and puts on his ‘Lawrence & Mayo’ spects,’Rolex’ watch,’nokia N series’ mobile with ‘Vodaphone’ Sim in,’redtape’ shoes.Will have his breakfast [includes ‘Amul’ cheese,’Hot Breads’-Bread,’Kissan’ Jam ,’Kinley’ water] watching his all new ‘Philips Ambilight’ Plasma TV,takes his ‘Sony’ laptop,opens the door,starts for a roll on his ‘Audi’ to the office.Gets into the office built by ‘DLF’,enters the cabin,sits on the chair,switches on his ‘HP’ Desktop and catches the ‘i-ball’ mouse,searches on google,goes for a ‘nescafe’ coffee break.The lunch time struck s and ll be on his way to cafeteria on ‘Johnson&Johnson’ lift for lunch[sambar,rice,water,plate…cooked with ‘basmathi’ rice,vegetables from ‘reliance Fresh’],comes back to the cabin does the wok,here comes the snacks time [Snacks from ‘Krishna Sweets’ ] and a drink[Diet Coke].Starts for a shopping to a mall[the one place for brands].Shops using his ‘Citibank gold’ credit cards,dinner at ‘Taj’.Checks out for a film at ‘pvr Cinemas’.Comes back home ,the ”bell rings.’Phillips’ lights get switched on, the ‘Century Ply’ door opens,enters in ,gets on his ‘Hidesign’ night jacket,switches on his ‘LG” AC, sleeps on his ‘Sleepwell’ Mattress.


I tried identifying lot more , Brands kept coming on&on so stopped here……..


“Brand Nahi Tho Kuch Nahi”-See the number of Brands we are using in our daily life,surprised!!!!-these are a drop in the ocean there are lot more…

Now –a –days due to booming Indian economy, a lot of brands which even the brands themselves have never thought they will make inroads into Indian market have come up.

In the yesteryear’s, for clothes the brand tag is the ‘tailors name’ and only Bata for footwear, huh-no idea of a term called “mobile”, cool-drink-only Goldspot, biscuits-only milkbikies.

We have left behind the Indian products and started loving the foreign products why? Why? Why? -Because Brands speaks out.

The society is divided now into two types:

  • Brand conscious people

  • People conscious people

The brand conscious people are the ones who comes to the stores, checks out the brands they like most , fills their bags, no matter what the price tag is, gets back home. They love and they take it.

Most of us [me included] falls into the other category, do you disagree with me???Ok.Take a simple quiz.checkout these questions, if ur answer for most of them is yes.ur r in.

1.The first thing you do when you want to buy is the price tag?

2.Whether the brand name is visible, is it big enough to make a impression?

3.Do you look at the windows of the stores for, ‘year end sales’, yes ‘discount’-‘flat  %’ is pleasing na.

4.You buy brands because other love it? You want to be talked abt?? (“Wow this guy wears a Adidas, nike…)

5.you particularly don’t have liking about any band.

6.You buy because other buy that brand??

I will tell you a nice illustration of these branded goods.chkout the price they say 99,299,499,899,999,1399,1999.Is it like 9 is their lucky number ??.yes for them lucky, for us opposite.when we see the price tag we see the first digit and say its 300,400,900 and so on, but the 9s do the magic, we end up paying 400,500,1000 and so on. This is where they disguise you. Of course most of you would have witnessed it

So u might have known which category you belong, the people conscious are those who buy for others sake [they talk abt us bla bla blah.], check the price tag first. Hey is this brand popular? (Question to friend).

So for those (me too) who fall into this category, days are gone, now everyone uses these brands only. So the ppl conscious ppl, try moving into the other category. Buy brands, which you are comfortable with, not, which others talk abt or the visibility either. Let Brands change their motto from “Do You Like It ?’ to ‘As You Like It’ .Days r gone now people are no more talking about what you wear or use, its now “BRAND INDIA”.

The manufacturing cost will be very less; the brand tag cost will be 60-70% of the product cost. wondering why is it so!!! Pretty simple-who is paying for the deepika padukonae’s, sharuk’s, hrithik’s, chiru’s and all…dudes its us. First they show us how to and wht to wear,drink,sleep,eat ..etc.we go and buy .The cool drinks cost 50 ps, remaining 9.50????, you  buy for ur superstar, they have to drink and show na how to drink, otherwise we really don’t know! That is why a new term – brand ambassadors, a feather  in  celebrities  hat.

To sum up, shop Intelligently. Make sure you buy what ur more comfortable with , than which is popular. Let the ‘BRANDS‘ change their tagline from “Do You Like It ” to “As You Like It“.




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