knol-“googlepedia” knowledge sharing website from google

Google is back with a big bang this time with a bigger surprise with nothing otherthan an enclyclopedia for all.The name ofcourse from brand google its called “KNOL”-stands for a ‘unit of knowledge’.Now begins a huge competetion between wikipedia and google.Presently the top search result for most of the terms in google is wikipedia.Now the google will optimise its search engine to show  the knol,wikipedia which depends for most of its traffic on google have to now search for an alternative.For google the key is, how fast it can grab the people and match with a huge database of articles in wikipedia,the different languages wiki supports and already its a part of lot of people’s life.
The google is shifting its focus from search engine to “anthroid”-a mobile OS,thinking of buying mobile spectrum in next january and now knol-its trying to conquer the internet and the world with its technology and expertize.We shall see where it will reach.ALL THE BEST TO GOOGLE-KNOL.

This is revealed in the official google blog yesterday night.chkout!!!


The post starts as below: 

The web contains an enormous amount of information, and Google has helped to make that information more easily accessible by providing pretty good search facilities. But not everything is written nor is everything well organized to make it easily discoverable. There are millions of people who possess useful knowledge that they would love to share, and there are billions of people who can benefit from it. We believe that many do not share that knowledge today simply because it is not easy enough to do that. The challenge posed to us by Larry, Sergey and Eric was to find a way to help people share their knowledge. This is our main goal.

more of that in this link:

The another important thing about this is ,ofcourse google ads.It allows people to show adds or not.And if they allow the revenue generated will be shared i.e 50% with the owner of that knol owner.Think it will beat the squidoo.

Its still in private beta and can be out any moment. 

Its looks like this:



4 thoughts on “knol-“googlepedia” knowledge sharing website from google

  1. its knol only-unit of want to establish a new benchmark so it started with a all new name,which makes it clear that it dont want to inherit even the last name of wiki”pedia”.Think it ll be grt.All products from google ll rock.

  2. Nice article!

    Are you sure it’s knol and not knowl (=knowledge)?

    And then again why not Googlepedia like Wikipedia or Gpedia like Gmail?

    Am I missing something here?

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