Rock,Pop,Jazz[Nt Music Analogies]-they describe life@Aricent

[Update:  The training programs have undergone some changes from the time i joined in 2007 to cope up with the changing pace of telecom industry and to make freshers more productive from the first day of their induction into any project. So please don’t consider the test patterns given in this post for granted, of-course the Fun things are still intact].

Nalanda,Plots,Ferries,Cafeteria,TH’s,Gentle reminders,trainers,sessions,CDMA,Cofeebreaks,huh!-orkut is blocked……..any takers???Yes,its Nalanda.Aricent training School.

Disclaimer: Incase in this blog , if I have hurt anyone r missed anybodies names, it is not done intentionally [only due to my poor memory], don’t take anything to heart. Just revert back for any errors. I will be always available at my mail.

The first day [13th Aug 2007] of my first job at Nalanda [Aricent Training School, Gurgaon] started as any other day. Dressed-up in formals, trying to look too smart doing a corporate makeover [wht else Formals-feels like raymonds, clean shave with Mach’3, Shoes-well polished with a cloth (addidas na cant polish them with cherry blossom)], “only mirror knows how we look”. Then started searching address of the company [not as easy as google search], got an Auto [No wonder the ordinary autos share autos-these are the sedans, Suv’s, porshe and everything for us during the time we spent in gurgaon] at last found the address and went in, stopped by the people almost all corporate people see everyday when they enter the office, yes yes you got it ‘Security’. Showded our offer letter got our Badge and went into Nalanda,Aricent Training School,Udyog Vihar,Phase 5,Gurgaon.Hall No: 4,First day know! went early, so not many people to welcome us…

Aricentians started coming slowly and hall filled up with people from all corners of INDIA. Everyone is a stranger to other. Not that much coloring as I expected, as the majority are from.

Started the first day filling lot of forms-huh same in any company [agreements, this, that -just signing without reading the content-sign sign & sign]. The first session [HR-Indra pal Singh] started in the afternoon after our lunch at Cafeteria. The session ended with an inspiring note from the HR himself “Think ur here by choice, not by Chance“. It was like an inspiration for me all through my training and follows.

From next day, the sessions started [domain, c, Unix…] and slowly people started talking to each other and we all became friends in a due course. It seemed like the missed college life is back. The spoc&spocy used to announce the schedule and lot of sheets to fill now and then after the sessions. Then nicknames started taking their toll, usr, spoc, nokia, spocy, bond, orkut and lot more [less memory power!!!].

For some days deeply involved in the domain sessions [communication hey nt English. technical yar, Wireless, wire line. The highfii gals& guys 21st century imagine the world without communication devices. from ur dreams -“no sms,no mobile, no orkut,no internet, no …stop stop” see ur nt able to think in ur dreams also] .who don’t want to know how the 21st century gadgets work?? Yes we deal with those cutting edge technologies here at Aricent. Day by day knowing something new abt intra&inter device communications form the domain experts themselves…got to know every side of how the world talks…want a sneak-peak into those sessions. Ok, chkout some points from those sessions exclusively in my blog:

1) when we chat wht happens???

A) we type, they type..thats it!!!!-no no no lot of stuff is done-ask experts[Aricentians]
no we Aricentians think differently-

A) The msg gets encryted by the presentation layer[security yar-otherwise we can easily sniff into ur conversation],the transport layer establishes the connection using sockets[udp packet-you need a fast transfer of info thatswhy udp],the network layes identifies the ip address and adds its own header,the datalink layer adds its header[mac address] and forwards it to the physical layer to transmitt[still didnt get googleit with keyword OSI-MODEL]

2) Why do mobile charge goes of even if u r not using it?
A) dudes its not because of the display and all,The real thing is that even if u r in ideal mode, your mobile phone will exchange signaling messages with the base transreceiver station[BTS] always until it is switched off.

3) Why a dial-up connection will be slow?
A) Blame the TCP protocol which does this flow control.And also the service providers will buy some 100 connections from the ISP and give them to some 200 ppl,assuming at a time only 100 will access the internet,that’s why the dial up phones wont get connected to internet most of the timew,whn 100 gets connected u have to wait until some one logs off.

4) While roaming why incoming is charged?
A) When ur in roaming, someone calls you and u think why the hell I am charged? Yup the secret lies here, when someone calls u in roaming, initially the call goes to ur home place station and it is routed from there to this station, so there are roaming resources being used and also ur home service providers resources.

5) What is the reason behind the mobile numbers start with 9?
A) Thinking of any history! No nothing like that, when the mobile revolution started the service providers were asked to choose a unique number and they have chosen 9,that’s it no more trivia.

And lot more of these trivia……….i will add some very soon…for any general communication related queries just post. I will try figuring out!!!

Alongside came a mail about the function from the corpcomm, one of the most eagerly awaited event in Aricent: The Friday Bash [Corporate Disco], dust off ur dancing shoes and get ready for a shake, went to the venue, To our surprise cafeteria was changed into the discothèque, the rocking numbers form Hindi, English and the dancing floor was set on fire. Enjoyed a lot watching others dance and we too joined for a step, danced, and danced until our body said “No More!!”.

TH4@Nalanda@Aricent [Aug13th batch] We rocking@CDMA Party “TH4 cool gang@Nalanda”

“Redfort-The pride of India” “Wonder of the world”-The TAJ

The rapport was building between each other and TH4 started “Rocking Nalanda”-of course the ground floor was completely ours. Alongside came the ‘Tests’ to test our skills [whether these people are “taking coffee breaks between sessions or Sessions between the breaks”]. Guys& Gals waiting for the timer to countdown to zero [test timer!!!] and check their scores [only one case > 50 r nt] ,here everyone knows the value of 50.

To say Nalanda is more of an extended college with a mixture of everything we enjoyed very moment there, We had Fun, We had Joy. To share some,
USR statements [the mallika dood -he wants mallika as brand ambassador], Whenever gowtham speaks the class comes out laughing , The ‘5.30 girl Pooja’, “sir bus, attendance, activate feedback” these are the routine dialogues for everyone in TH4 at 5.30 daily, The nokia, spoc and spocy conversations, the sleeping himanshu, the hunt [nt treasure hunt] for orkut proxies [nt to miss avipsa’s name here], The backbenchers, mostly occupied by the southern spices where the words on air are: ama di, polama di,enna di,rajesh teasing vinod with the word “pichuka”,gowmathi shouting it all over,USR trying hard to get O/P along with his ‘partner’ [Nt gowtham] and lot more, I seldom remember most of them as every moment is enjoyable.

A month passed and we too didn’t realize that until a mail stuck our mail box saying “project batches”. The Aricentians are allocated projects batches then came the real mix-up of people, the most watched space from my side the USR & gowtham taken by surprise they both were in the same batch. new terms started taking turn mentor,buddy,live,inhouse,quality docs and lot.. Form the next day, the class turned into a lab, everyone engaged in their work trying hard [ya using ‘soft’ware] to get output and I don’t remember how many times I used the GCC command.

“we at CDMA”CDMA

Days started passing like minutes and yet again a ‘gentle reminder ‘-it says nominations for CDMA [freshers treat at Nalanda],the hunt began to choose the strongest for TUG-O-WAR, the masters for dancing & singing, the T-rivia ppl for DumbC.While we are still sorting out the names the day came and everyone charged up for the event ,went there and started off with the tug-o-war first ,we tried ,tried but could get only the third place[gravitational force dominated our horizontal force on the rope[more weight!!!!]],the anthakshari was full of confusion and we almost made it to the top until our over-enthusiastic group made some silly mistakes to go back to third and then the DUMBC[its more of a eating round where the starters were served, ppl started going around the waiters than they going around us] ,here to disappointed[nt to the taste of starters, again 3rd position L].Then came the real treat to everyone’s eyes & ears,yes I am talking abt the dance & music , had some eye catching performances by viji,vinod,jyothi arya,megha -the first prize bagged by megha [the dance number by her was awesome!!!!] and then the singing by shriram,janani,rupali ..,the prize bagged by janani [the way she sung the music notes, still rendering in ears].then the most anticipated event for food lovers [dinner yar!!] and disco was also on a go along ,the day ended and we were on our way back to home, even the enjoyment was nt missed in the bus, the usr,puneeth,varun,spoc and co. while the reel of CDMA still rotating in our mind the ‘G’-raduation day came [oh thinking abt projects ,ya they have to be finished before deadline so done [ushhhhhh…no more comments]].

Forgot to mention a little abt myself, got a very good project batch which include two Di’s [nandhini and priyadharshini] & three Da’s [Mathew, myself & anil] along with our mentor Shivani [a special thanks for her, without whom we couldn’t have moved any further]. Enjoying ourselves doing some so called coding [copy, paste, modify] and filling up some documents to keep up with quality. Here comes the G-day and the real corporate career starts form now.

We all sat in the cafeteria for the ceremony to begin, there were mixture of emotions on everyone’s face. The ceremony addressed by the Nalanda Team, kick started and with a small intro, we were into the time when some compliments are given to the best performers. The overall best performance is bagged my ‘studios friend’ Ravi Kiran and there are some more awards for best project & best project quality, technical presentation.

Here comes the surprise, our team also bagged two awards [want to mention, no boasting!!!]. I was awestruck when I saw our names on the screen as my teammates too. I was very happy [almost tears in my eyes], as for the first time in my 21 years I got an award [thank u Aricent].the function came to an end and there are people enjoying and some others rolling into tears as some are moving apart to different locations[of course at the end we have to go where destiny takes us].

To carryover with me from there are lots of sweet memories; lessons learnt, great experiences and of course had some crushes too [didn’t even speak to them, it’s a different story all together], miss u all [:( 😦 :(], Nalanda team and the place too….
Hope will see u  ppl soon.

With love,
Chaitanya varma.


24 thoughts on “Rock,Pop,Jazz[Nt Music Analogies]-they describe life@Aricent

  1. i got placed in aricent. and i have to attend training at nalanda. the nalanda training centre has hostel or accomodation? or i have to arrange by my own?

  2. Hey chaitanya the blog was awhsome.

    My name is Chaitanya Varma. And i Am going to start a career in Aricent. what a coincidence, i am joining next week in aricent !

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  5. hey chaitany
    is good i feel good to know this things but .sir they are not conducting interaction kind of things and will they arrange some game ot other things so me can intract with our batch mate. other all things is very nice here but we r missing communication …..

  6. hey Chaitanya,

    Your blog seemed useful. I wanted to know certain details about the training as my friend got placed in Aricent.
    1. Accomadation ? My friend being a girl needs a place to stay near to the training center. So I would like to know the rate, food, surrounding area details. If you could provide me with some useful information regarding the same, it would be helpful.
    2. Life at Gurgaon ?

  7. hey Chaitanya,

    Your blog seemed useful. I wanted to know certain details about the training as my friend got placed in Aricent.
    1. Accomadation ? My friend being a girl needs a place to stay near to the training center. So I would like to know the rate, food, surrounding area details. If you could provide me with some useful information regarding the same, it would be helpful.
    2. Life at Gurgaon ?

  8. thanks for sharing ur memories chetanya:)
    hi friends 🙂
    even i got placed in Aricent for 2010 batch 🙂
    wishing to see u all soon @ aricent.

  9. thanx for sharing ur wonderful experience @aricent. I hope same for me in Nalanda training school..i wish good wishes to all other guys who are joining training school this year 2010.

  10. thanks for sharing your expericence wit us.. i m also placed in aricent for 2010 batch.. hope to have the same fun u had…

  11. hi..
    m also placed in aricent for 2k10 batch..
    was quite anxious bout it, as onli few frnds r placed wit me..
    but ur blog looks hopeful 🙂

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