“Will it be Risen India or Only Rising India”-by chaitu

Not the best time to write this blog sensex all time high,rupee appreciating $,booming India Inc.,Rocking indian cricket team]!!!!

The FM says GDP is rising,out of 1 billion people how many know ABC??

The HR ministry fights for the reservations in the India’s most prestigious institutions[IIM’S],who cares for the government schools,most of the govt. schools dont have the basic infrastructure.some dont even have a building.

They say INDIA Inc. is rising and its blooming,media flashes this time out of 5 richest people in the world 2 are Indians.Who cares how many people in India live below poverty line??what everyone cares is when forbes magazine releases that list.copy,paste and make it headlines.

Rupee appreciating $,the sensex touches 17000/-,who will be benefited ??again the people who are rich,who will understand the numbers??

In a country where the poor people,the slums,the autoricshaw walas,the roadside vendors strive to get a roof under which they can sleep.The MP’s MLA’s fight about the state of their high class residences!!

Sitting in the largest circular structure doesn’t matter,only thing that matters is Reaching Out.

[plz note:not blaming anyone]The Indian IT industry is booming,the companies revenue reaching heights $1 billion,$2 billion,$3 billion….they do a lot of things to save tax invest huge amounts in different sectors.pay a huge money for their accountants.Can all the it industry come together establish an organisation and everyone in this field can give some 10/- to 50/- from their monthly salary and help the other Indians live a better life[Live And Let Live].

Is there a need for a F1 race in India???when daily sports associations fight between each other and within them.when a lot of games doesn’t have the basic infrastructure in our country even we have lot of sportsperson.Is there any need in bringing a new sport which is very costly???Have you ever thought leave away the medals won.how many nominations from india are in various Olympic events??the small countries like japan,Korea have nomination in almost all the events,why cant india with 30-40% of their population between 20-35years don’t have nominees in lot of events.Think the so called great minds of India????

We hear the names of FM,CM,PM,President,Defence etc., everyday in news-I wonder whether there is any ministry for welfare and development?????

Now-that i think the only thing that can change the fate or the direction in which the country is going is a little of awareness,that India you are daily seeing is not the only one ,there is lot to explore and lot of people waiting for a helping hand.The people had made the media as their eyes,so the New Indian media which is Reaching Out to every incident,a matured lot of editors,journalists should and can play a very vital role in this.The Media is reaching out and able to reach to the place of any incident,the police who are appointed to do only that are the last to reach.Think Think the ministry of defence??whats lagging in your people.The only thing you have to induce is to love the nation and their job.these police will find 1 or 2 bombs after a bomb blasting which didn’t blow.i don’t know why they never think why cant they find them before the blast???

May be a closing statement[but the place doesn’t really matter]:

Be a solution maker,Than identifying problem.

i do confess writing a article is very easy.but what can i do,me to a INDIAN.Indian people want to eliminate the corruption,poverty everything.They don’t want to do that,they want someone else to do that for them.Until this ideology is not removed from our minds we cant see a “RISEN INDIA”,but only Rising India.

by chaitanya…Plz post ur views..


2 thoughts on ““Will it be Risen India or Only Rising India”-by chaitu

  1. great thoughts !! i think its the people, i mean its us who have to change in order to change INDIA… after all, as some one said.. a country means people but not infra or whatever…

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