End of coll life….

Completing B.tech (June 2007) from the so called one of the best institutions in India (Pondicherry Engg College) after a long 4 years (b.tech is four year course!!!!)…It’s boring at my home place TUNI (everyone knows abt my Cosmo)-otherwise let me know ll post more abt TUNI. The best days of life r almost over until v find new frnds and hope to meet the old ones very soon. so I want to write abt the last days and those wonderful moments and events that v ll never forget.


This is dedicated to our grt ETERNALS (wht v do Echoes in Eternity)……

img_1133.jpgimg_1429.jpgimg_1120.jpgimg_1308.jpgEternal bikers opposite Bhai Shop@pec@pondy



Eternals waited to write the exams and escape frm PEC until June 20th(last to complete b.tech exams in INDIA)the exams gt delayed by a month(already mentioned so called best university in India).missing u ppl a lot …the last days were full of fun..Watching films,gng to beach, restaurants and to tell more fun is the cricket v played in hostel during the exams..Haven’t written my exams that much cool in the four years…Sleeping @ 12.00 and getting up at 7.00(these were no way my timing for the past 7 semesters).To mention our grt frnd frm ganapavaram MEHAR DAS has done hair straightening(-feeling like munna(@1000/-)) and it didn’t last for more than 2 days(HAHAHAH).the hostel day and farewell were awesome this year and v ppl enjoyed a lot…The UGADHI’07 became a stage whr everyone could shows theirs moves on the stage and opposite the stage(nt behind the stage) have enjoyed until the body felt tired and no longer supported. Missing a lot of things to tell u some…



  • No more grt pec food.
  • No more nicknames and who ll call us the grt ETERNALS?
  • No more the cricket@ground@hostel.
  • No more flirting others r even ppl with whom we can joke and have fun (swaroop miss u a lot ra in this context).
  • No more Andhra mess and gng thr on the bikes cmg late night to hostel.
  • No more the grt fun of watching matches in the tv room..enjoying those tense moments which india ll let us in disdain.
  • No more tastes frm different corners of India (whenever someone comes frm home-it’s grt time for food lovers).
  • No more making of flash, videos for showcasing our creativity and greatness than v r nt less than anyone in any field.
  • No more batch clashes and groupism… (The last days were little bitter for eternals but v were always cool and calm).
  • No more grp studies.. for the first time praising the grt CSE&IT guys(hostlers)-these ppl r too good they prepare for some 4 r five hrs in a grp before night of exam and rock the exams..hw do u do that ra???????
  • No more fun of discussing abt the grt gals of pec (comparing with gals v see in orkut,rating them as pec level, below pec level and abv&far pec level)
  • No more bunking classes, gng late to class, the canteen treats(myself(sponsor),srikar&Krishna(Eaters)-hope they ll nt see this!!!!
  • No more chatting and talks on phone (thanks to the service providers (mobile)) helped a lot of ppl to become frnds, doinks, ofcourse lovers and some probably couples…free sms,love packs etc…
  • No more joy,mallu(the grt sharjah-miss it a lot),recently the juice shop opp university…became daily visitors(myself(sponsor),Praveen,chacha,anvesh,everyone else(drinkers-just juices!!!))

—-and miss a lot more ll be adding whn I remember.
And one last thing,ppl started leaving frm the hostel in the midst of tears,thinking that these days were no more and only believing that wht we have done will only now echo in PEC..ll tell u the last sentence frm everyone….
V ll meet ra..ORKUT is there know so no probs(difficult to guess kada!!!!)
Thanks to the grt social networking site which helped to find a lot of old friends and keep in touch with everyone..thanks GOOGLE- love u…always the best.


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