…3rd & 4th Feb

To start with…. Cheznous’07 [an event as Grandeur as anything in our college-wat else HOSTEL DAY] is cmg up,so the cricket matches on behalf of that….these two days i have seen only three things…

1.Bat&Ball and ground


3.My bed

nothing more….getting up at 8.00..eating…playing[result WIN+TIRED] next best thing sleeping..actually i am part of my batch[Eternals] B-team{having the finest stroke and class-players},wanna chkout the team member here it goes…..Chamath[the srilankan opener],Sandesh[vice-captain&class player],Nazir[openr Batsman],Srikar[The smartest swing bowler],Cvsr[fast bowler& batsmen],Ram kumar[the Reebok sponsored player],Myself[lite….],Pannu[fast bowler],Selva[spinner+grt fielder+batsmen],Pavan PVS[Captain],Roopesh[classic batsmen].

On 3rd the match was against the 1st years…93 was their score we have won it within 13 overs and 5 wickets in hand..thanks to some amazing batting by chamath,selva,Cvsr,roopesh…so won it comfortably….so playing after a long time..tired..ate…slept fully..again got-up at 7.00 ate again and slept again…..

Next day 4th…….another match,the decider for the semi’s between Eternal-B[our team] and PG.It was the most amazing and joyful day in this year so far….gt up at around 9.45am and at around 11.00 went to ground to chk out our Eternal-A team match against III-B team….they were 52 all-out..thanks for some amazing bowling by rajashekaran and then Our Eternal-A team played..played..played for 14.5 overs to get to that runs…they played like our indian team in SA[except they won].Anyway grt play by Chinni,who was the finisher.

Our match scheduled at 2.00pm started at 2.30 against PG-B…..initially it was runs everywhere…but good bowling by srikar& ram kumar and in the end by PVS, they were restricted to 107/8[all wickets are bowled] of 15 overs.. THn started the eternal stint[Loads of confidence& strength]..lost the first wicket for no runs thn chamath and sandesh{the player of the day,he got in and started playing like a classic right- hander,fours,singles…he made getting runs look easy, was hit by a bouncer on his chin and still didnt lose confidence..excelled and paved a path for a stunning victory..Once again thanks to our mama…ooopodu..} played really well…thn next to come was ram kumar,who made some quick runs which helped a lot, after that was Cvsr…sandesh and Cv engaded in a partnership…made it to just 20 runs of 30 balls..Sandesh was unfortunate to be given LBW, after that myself just a run contribution,thought of hitting over the fence..but ball didn’t help,next to come was Selva..along with Cv finished the match in style in 13Th over and everyone flying colours,josh,dancing and wat else everything… as we almost made it to the semi’s..came ate….slept…

yup v did it again!!!!

“A grt day so far where Aggression and Strength made us the winners”


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